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Paint correction is a highly regarded technique employed by both automotive professionals and car enthusiasts to breathe new life into a vehicle’s paintwork. This meticulous process involves the systematic removal of various imperfections that can accumulate over time, robbing your car of its showroom shine. These imperfections run the gamut, encompassing everything from bothersome swirl marks and fine scratches to the unsightly blemishes left by bird droppings, stubborn acid rain stains, and the deeper or surface-level scratches that can mar the beauty of your vehicle’s exterior. Our Paint Correction Package leaves your vehicle in elite condition and removes defects and flaws from the existing surface. Once the paint correction process is complete, our shop highly recommends adding a protective surface like a paint protection film or ceramic pro.


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Our paint correction service is a labor-intensive and time-honored craft, demanding top-tier skills and precision. Quality paint correction, like the one we offer, comes at a premium for good reason. Attempting it as an amateur or an enthusiastic car owner should only be considered by those who possess expertise, confidence, and the ability to execute it safely. Why take unnecessary risks? Schedule your appointment today and entrust your paint correction needs to us—the seasoned experts.

It’s crucial to differentiate between genuine paint correction and treatments that merely conceal surface imperfections, such as all-in-one polishes. The latter should not be labeled as paint correction, as they don’t truly eliminate scratches or blemishes; instead, they mask them temporarily. Over time, these fillers wash away, revealing the underlying imperfections once more. In our paint correction service, we rely on Menzerna products, polishes, and buffing techniques to ensure a truly flawless finish.

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Our Paint Correction Package is your gateway to elevating your vehicle to elite condition, erasing defects and imperfections from its current surface. Upon the completion of the meticulous paint correction process, we strongly recommend fortifying your vehicle with additional protection.

Clay bar decontamination

It is essential that all contaminants are removed before the paint correction process begins. Any remaining particles of dirt must be removed; otherwise, they can become attached to the polishing machine pad and damage the surface paint by causing scratches. The clay bar process is crucial to achieving a smooth paint surface. A smooth surface allows the polishing machine to move freely over the exterior paint surface, reducing the likelihood of hopping or sticking of the polisher and causing scratches. The claying process also helps you to see the exact condition of your vehicle’s exterior paint visually.

Paint Correction

Once the clay bar decontamination is complete, we proceed to the correction and polishing stage. Polishing consists of numerous phases of abrasive compounds and the use of polishing pads to remove any imperfections from the paint. These imperfections include swirling, marring, scratches, wash lines, insect acids, and more. Based on the unique condition of your vehicle, multiple stages of paint correction may be required.

A paint depth gauge measures the thickness of the paint on the metal panel and is used before, during, and after the polishing process. The indicator monitors how much paint is removed. It’s crucial not to go too deep and remove too much paint, which would leave it too thin and cause irreversible damage such as a strike through to the metal. Particular halogen or LED lights which replicate direct sunlight on the surface of the paint are used during this process to monitor the condition of the paintwork and validate how successfully the surface scratches and imperfections are being removed.


The polishing process is usually a multistage process depending on the quality of the exterior paint. Different grades of polish are used depending on the condition and luster of your exterior paint. Rangers are from heavier cutting compounds, which remove the surface material, to a more delicate product that removes any marks and generally refine the finish. During the paint correction process, it is common for a paint depth gauge to be used. Some scratches or imperfections may be too deep or severe to remove without the risk of removing surface paint safely. In this case, a technique with the machine polisher and a special polish compound that rounds off the edges of the scratches and makes them less visible in appearance indirect sunlight has to be used

After correction, the panels are wiped down with isopropyl alcohol, which removes any oils that may have been leftover from the polish process. Isopropyl alcohol reveals a true finish, highlighting any areas that may have been missed or require further polishing. Upon completion of this process, the paintwork will shine brilliantly and produce stunning shiny reflections because there are no longer any imperfections on the exterior paint.



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