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Our Certified Installers and Detailers have many years and experience under their belt. They have been in the automobile service business for over 30+ years, learning the trade and perfecting their craft. Ceramic Garage stands behind their workmanship one hundred percent!

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About Us...

Over 30+ Years Experience

Ceramic Garage of Modesto, CA, work as partners with numerous high-end dealerships in the area. They are the go-to shop when it comes to detailing a customer’s vehicle. They are a Certified a well respected Detailing and Window Tint shop in the Modesto, CA, area. They are a family-owned business and have over 30+ years of experience.

We handle all makes and models and specialize in more than 40 car brands

We are certified for the installation of automotive window film and licensed in the state of California for the installation of residential and commercial window film. As well as being an authorized and certified dealer in the application of Ceramic Pro.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our workmanship.

Quality of Excellence

At Ceramic Garage of Modesto, CA, we specialize in handling all of your vehicle’s window tinting and paint protection needs. We work on cars, trucks and boats, American and Foreign, New and Old. We do our best to treat our customers like we would want to be treated, giving them the best service for the best price available. Every year we help over 6,000 customers in the Modesto and surrounding areas with their window tinting or auto paint protection needs.

Quality Products and Installation

We carry and install top of the line products at a reasonable price to you, our customer. Paint Corrections – Menzerna polishes, rupes certified (buffing machines). Paint Protection – Xpel Ultimate, Xpel Stealth, Xpel Trac Wrap. Ceramic Coatings – Ceramic Pro. Window Tinting – Llumar Stratos Series.

Three Generations of the Youanis Family

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