About Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection Film (PPF, also called clear bra, clear film or clear paint film) is a thermoplastic urethane often self-healing film applied to painted surfaces. 

It is the complete form of protection you can establish between your car and all that can damage your car’s exterior factory paint. Because Paint Protection films have high impact resistance, its application will protect your vehicle’s paint against chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris.

It fits seamless on the clear coat of factory paint and is virtually invisible. 

Keep that showroom look for years to come with our 10-year warranty against yellowing and fading.  

Why Use Paint Protection Film?

We know how you feel about your new vehicle. Keeping your paint looking brand new is a challenging task for anyone. As XPEL certified and authorized dealers, we can apply paint protection film on any part of your vehicle’s surfaces.

XPEL Paint Protection will help protect your vehicle from rock chips, bug acid, sand abrasions, or surface scratches. Best of all, it is completely clear and hardly visible. Paint Protection can be removed, and a new film layer can be re-applied whenever necessary.

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ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection

ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film is a virtually invisible film that protects your vehicle’s paint from everyday damage, including scuffs, scratches, rock chips, and more.


In 2011, XPEL revolutionized the industry with the world’s first self-healing paint protection film.

ULTIMATE PLUS ™ raises the bar with an exceptional high gloss finish & improved impact protection. ULTIMATE PLUS is designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need on the open road, keeping your vehicle’s surfaces safe from things like gravel, oils, bug acids, bird droppings, and stopping paint chips before they start.

Our proprietary film formulation will not yellow from UV exposure, ensuring protected areas are nearly invisible.

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