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Ceramic Garage offers innovative technology, protecting your vehicle’s aesthetics. Specializing in preserving your vehicle’s appearance from the inside out. Our technology offers XPEL paint protection films that “stop rock chips.” We also offer ceramic coatings and high-performance XPEL ceramic window film.

XPEL Paint Protection

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Our Business Hours are: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Phone: (209) 718-7000

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Ceramic Garage offers Ceramic Pro, which is an innovative nano-ceramic hydrophobic coating that protects your paint from road salt, bird droppings, wind damage, scratches, minor bumps, and dings. This ceramic coating finishes with a highly hydrophobic, high-gloss finish that has set the benchmark for ceramic coatings. Transform your paint’s surface and protect your investment with Ceramic Pro. 

We are also proud to offer one of the finest window films available on the market today at any price, and it is guaranteed for the life of the car. XPEL Prime window film and Paint Protection

Ceramic Garage Inc, Has Launched its Own Line of Detailing Products.

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2 Bucket Wash Kit
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XPEL™ PRIME XR PLUS window film contain nano-ceramic particle formulation blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and more than 98 percent of its heat and infrared radiation—all without the metallic ingredients other films use that can disrupt radio, cellular and Bluetooth usage inside your car.

No more having to go super dark with your shade of window film which makes it hard to look out that back window. XPEL™ PRIME XR PLUS has you protected no matter what shade you choose.

70% VLT, 45% VLT, 35% VLT, 30% VLT, 20% VLT, or 5% VLT. XPEL™ PRIME XR PLUS window film has you covered. 


XPEL PRIME XR PLUS- 4 Doors + Back Windshield 35%. Front Windshield 70%.

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About Ceramic Garage of Modesto, CA

Over 30+ Years Experience

Our Certified Installers and Detailers have many years and experience under their belt. They have been in the automobile service business for over 30+ years, learning the trade and perfecting their craft. Ceramic Garage stands behind their workmanship one hundred percent!

Ceramic Garage of Modesto, CA, work as partners with numerous high-end dealerships in the area. They are the go-to shop when it comes to detailing a customer’s vehicle. They are a Certified a well respected Detailing and Window Tint shop in the Modesto, CA, area. They are a family-owned business and have over 30+ years of experience.

We handle all makes and models and specialize in more than 40 car brands

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our workmanship. Learn More…

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500 Glass Lane Ste C-3, D-4 Modesto, California 95356. Phone: (209) 718-7000

We are your local Certified and Authorized Window Film Installation Company. We are also certified in the application of Paint Protection and Correction as well as being your local Detailing Shop. We are conveniently located in Modesto, CA.

Ceramic Coating

Our ceramic coating of choice is Ceramic Pro. They offer the top of the line quality of products. They use state of the art nano-ceramic coating technology that protects the paint.

Detailing Services

Ceramic Garage of Modesto, CA, offers detailing packages that provide the services you need to cause envy for outshining other vehicles on the road.

Window Tinting

Ultraviolet rays from the sun lead to excessive heat, glare, premature interior aging and discoloring. Window Film adds protection as well as both aesthetic and practical value to the vehicle.

Residential & Commercial

In California, sun damage occurs every day going unnoticed until it’s too late. It can damage the interior of your home or office. The UV rays can destroy furniture and floors causing them to fade in color and also crack from the intense heat. Ceramic Garage can Help!

Paint Protection

Paint protection film, known as clear-bra, is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish of an automobile. We use Xpel Ultimate, Xpel Stealth, Xpel Trac Wrap, that give you the ultimate protection to keep your vehicle looking newer longer.

Paint Correction

At Ceramic Garage, the paint correction process starts with a thorough hand washing of your vehicle. All surface dirt must be removed to prevent scratching the paint surface. A clay bar must be used for this process, and to do the job right!

Car Wash Modesto

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Our Certified Installers and Detailers have many years and experience under their belt. They have been in the automobile service business for over 30+ years learning the trade and perfecting their craft. Ceramic Garage stands behind their workmanship one hundred percent!


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Let our team of highly trained and Certified associates provide you with the best car garage services possible. Including, window tinting, Ceramic Pro paint protection, paint correction or ask us about our full detailing service.

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Ceramic Garage of Modesto has the auto detailing services you and your car desire to turn heads. Located in the McHenry neighborhood, this auto and paint protection detailer provides the services your car needs to stay protected from the everyday elements while driving on the road.

This shop is the GO TO shop in the Central Valley and all surrounding areas too! If you value your vehicle's worth at all...you'll bring your car over to these guys. The amount of knowledge they have about cars in general and the products offered today simply amazes me and my husband --along with their expertise, professionalism, & friendliness. Soo dedicated, detailed, and PROUD of what the do that they go above and beyond for their customers. That's the kind of shop we need to take our auto investments to. Thanks, guys.
This one of the best experiences that I have had from an auto spa. Ramel and Robert were great to work with, they were very attentive to detail and my concerns about my baby. The quality and the workmanship on my Shelby GT350 exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this facility to e I know, you can't go wrong. Here are some pics.
I'm the type of person that try's to avoid any shops because I like to be the only one putting hands on my car. Haha But when it comes to wrapping or tinting my car I don't have much of a choice. I Needed my front lip wrapped with a clear to protect it in time for a car show. Ceramic Garage not only did a great job but they went far above my expectations and even got it done in time for the car show! Came out awesome! Super clean looking and couldn't even tell it was wrapped at all. Even made it shine better. 5 out of 5 definitely coming back for some more work and even a full detail in the near future. Check them out! You won't be disappointed.
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