Paint Protection

XPEL Paint Protection

Paint protection film, or “clear bra” as it is sometimes known, is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish on your vehicle’s paint.

The virtually invisible film will keep your vehicle looking newer longer- without changing the design features or color- by protecting vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels.

Between You And The Open Road

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS raises the bar once again with an unparalleled high gloss finish and improved impact protection for enhanced durability, making it the most advanced paint protection film on the market.

Signature Features of Ultimate Plus


When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.

Stain Resistance

Road grime, bird droppings, bug guts, and air pollution will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives.


Built to last. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is backed by our comprehensive 10-year warranty, ensuring your vehicle looks its best for years to come.

Mirror Smooth Finish

Protection should be indistinguishable from the factory paint.


XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS features superior impact protection for whatever stands between you and the open road.

A Film Specifically Formulated To Preserve A Flat Factory Finish.

As smooth as satin. Whether your vehicle is matte, Magno, frozen, or frosted, self-healing XPEL STEALTH will keep it looking effortlessly pristine. Or, protect your gloss paint with a whole new look!

Signature Features of XPEL Stealth


When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.

Sleek Satin Finish

By matching the appearance of factory flat paint, XPEL STEALTH virtually disappears once installed. With a finish that’s uniformly smooth, you won’t see where protection starts or stops from one panel to the next.

Easy Maintenance

Flat finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair. XPEL STEALTH enables you to easily wash and dry your car without damaging its sheen.

Warranty & Durability

XPEL STEALTH features the same superior impact protection as ULTIMATE PLUS back by our industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Custom Applications

Utilize XPEL STEALTH to accentuate gloss aero or carbon fiber, and protect factory flares, splitters, and trim pieces.

Ready, Set, Protect

TRACWRAP is the enthusiast’s choice for a DIY protection solution. Don’t hit the tarmac with blue tape ever again. Trust in TRACWRAP to give you the temporary coverage you need to make the drive & take pole position.

Signature Features of TracWrap


XPEL TRACWRAP is made from a tough 8mil (0.008”) thick urethane film that creates a substantial barrier from rocks, road debris, bug guts, and other outside elements. Because of this, TRACWRAP offers far more protection than masking tape or messy-to-apply spray-on alternatives.

Ease Of Install

Thanks to its unique air-channel adhesive layer, TRACWRAP can be installed by anyone without the use of specialty tools, chemicals, or a slip solution. Apply it anywhere – you can put TRACWRAP on in a parking lot, track paddock, or garage in no time at all.

Ease Of Removal

Just like it lays down, XPEL TRACWRAP is a breeze to remove. By utilizing a low-tack adhesive, TRACWRAP can be taken off easily in one large strip without leaving a sticky surface behind. Cleaning up after a drive has never been easier.

Partial Front End

18” – 24” Up Hood and Fenders.

Front Bumper. Headlights and Side Mirrors.

Full Front End

Full Hood and Fenders. Front Bumper.

Headlights and Side Mirrors.

Full Car

Every Exposed Painted Surface.

We know how you feel about your new vehicle. Keeping your paint looking brand new is a hard task for anyone. We as a certified and authorized Llumar dealer who can apply paint protection film on any part of your vehicle’s surfaces. This will help protect your vehicle from rock chips, bug acid, and sand abrasions or surface scratches. Best of all, it is completely clear and hardly visible to the eye.

Clear Shield Paint Protection can be removed, and a new film layer can be re-applied whenever it is felt necessary.

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Protect your Vehicle from the Everyday Hazards of Driving.

XPEL Paint Protection (clear bra) protects your vehicle manufactured or custom paint from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt, or insects. The application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane paint protection film is applied to the surface of that paint. With its very low surface energy, XPEL ULTIMATE sheds contaminants that would otherwise stain or yellow conventional films. In addition, the clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches.

XPEL ULTIMATE carries a 10-year warranty against, yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining, and hazing and reimburses both film and labor in the unlikely event of a failure. This warranty is backed by a worldwide network of certified installers, so if you move away, your new location authorized installer will be able to take care of any warranty issues that you may have.

Our Install Process of XPEL Paint Protective Film

Every install of XPEL films begins with a thorough wash and clay bar treatment on your vehicle’s exterior paint.

A clay bar will remove any surface contaminants which may interfere with the application of the film. The clay bar treatment makes sure all dirt is removed from any cracks on the surface of the paint.

The second step is to wipe down the exterior paint areas where the protective film will be applied. This step is done using an alcohol solution to remove any remaining oils or other contaminants.

Once the preparation process is completed, the XPEL protective film installer will use our film plotter to cut the film to the exact dimension of your vehicle using the make model and year of that vehicle.

We then with patience and accurately install the XPEL protective film to the part of the car that needs protection from road debris.

Upon completion of the installation, you will receive a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects including yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering, and delaminating. XPEL will be solely responsible for determining the validity of all claims.

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