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Astound Your Friend’s with an Exterior Paint Finish That Turns Heads

They’ve Seduced Automobile Enthusiasts for Decades…

With their Streamlined Curves…

Purring Engine, and Unmistakable Fragrance

But the one thing that ties every car fanatic together is owning a vehicle with a showroom finish that turns heads.

While most kids played soccer with their friends, Romel and Robert Youanis were cleaning cars on their dad’s car lot.

Romel and Robert weren’t receiving punishment for not doing well in school. The fact is, they’re obsessed with cars.

Raised in the household of an industrious father in the automotive industry, the boys not only learned about cars but also learned about working hard.

Of course, car life was second nature.

Over the years, Romel and Robert’s reputation grew as perfectionists regarding auto detailing.

Growing up in the Modesto, CA area, surrounded by car washes that claimed to be auto spas with a so-called team of professionals, the boys knew they could do better.

Three Generations of the Youanis Family

That’s when Romel and Robert knew they could excel at a business that was second nature to them and had a true passion. They had been detailing cars for over two decades since they were children. They were the ones who were the professionals with being schooled all their life in auto detailing.

That’s when Ceramic Garage of Modesto, CA, was Established.

The age of technology has influenced the upkeep of an automobile’s exterior. Anyone who has hand waxed a car should be shouting for joy and handing over their keys to these guys with the introduction of ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings are silica-based sealants incredibly resistant to water, dirt, and environmental pollutants.

What makes ceramic coating so special is that the liquid bonds with the exterior paint, a rough surface full of pores where dirt builds up, causing a damaging effect on your car’s paint. And when that dirt mixes with rain, it can create an acidic compound that damages the paint’s surface and lead to corrosion over time.

The nanoparticles in the ceramic coating are so small that they seal all those pores in the paint, creating an invisible layer that repels dirt and mud. So, when dust, pollen, or mud encounters your paint, they slide off as they have nothing to stick to.

The result, along with your paint protected against the elements, is a mirror-like finish.

Ceramic garage focuses on a showroom finish that turns heads. They also protect customers’ exterior paint by offering paint protection film, also known as ppf, for that added layer of protection.

PPF product is the guard dog for your paint finish. This “clear bra” is best to preserve a showroom-quality paint finish.

XPEL Ultimate Plus

XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film

There are two options for this film: XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth. One shines, the other is flat, and both are exceptional. So, it makes sense that these treatments are not exclusive to automobiles. They also serve well for touring or street motorcycles if that’s your obsession.

Services at Ceramic Garage also include a car wash at their Modesto location. A subscription allows members to schedule a visit on the company’s calendar.

The ceramic garage also offers automobile window tinting for when you’re ready to reduce the infrared heat build-up inside your vehicle and apply a layer of SPF 1000 on your car windows. Ceramic Garage carries top-of-the-line window films that protect you against UVA and UVB sun rays in varying shades to suit your needs.


The products used by Ceramic Garage have the highest premium warranties found in these types of services.

What’s Next for Ceramic Garage?

Romel and Robert excitedly await the release of their Ceramic Garage car care products their customers can conveniently use at home and achieve professional results.

Romel and Robert are pleased about releasing these car care products as a percentage of the profits will be distributed among local charities.

When a small business grows to the point of maturity when unselfish ideas begin to form, your successes have been for all the right reasons.

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