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Ceramic Window Tint versus Regular Window Tint

Is There a Noticeable Difference?

Admit it… you’re frustrated with how hot it gets inside your car.

Not to mention you’re sick of the sun impairing your vision!

You admire vehicles with tinted windows and are aware of some benefits.

But you’re under the misconception that for heat rejection, means applying a darker tint.

You’d love your car to look stylish, but getting a ticket would be a pain.

But you can’t help wondering…

Is there a tint available that will give me both heat rejection and UV protection and legal?

So, let’s put your mind at ease…

I have three brief words for you…


eramic window tint offers several benefits over other types of window tints on the market today.

The major benefit and why so many people are selection ceramic window tint over any other type of window tint is because it offers…

Clear visibility: Unlike some other window tints, ceramic window tints do not have a noticeable tint, meaning that they won’t noticeably affect the appearance of your windows.

Heat rejection: Ceramic window tints can block up to 66% heat rejection, 99% of UV rays and up to 97% of infrared heat, keeping your vehicle cooler and more comfortable.

Fade protection: By blocking UV rays, ceramic window tints can also help protect your interior from fading and damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Durability: Ceramic window tints are more durable than other types of window tints, and they are less likely to scratch or fade.

Compatibility: For residential use, you can use ceramic window tints on a wide range of glass surfaces, including single-pane, double-pane, and low-e windows.

Results: Overall, ceramic window tint is a high-performance window tint that offers superior heat rejection, fade protection, and durability while maintaining clear visibility.

Pros of Ceramic Window Tint…

Heat Reduction – One of the biggest advantages of using ceramic window tint is that it helps reduce the amount of heat that enters your car. This is because the ceramic particles in the tint reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays, which can help keep your car’s interior cooler, especially during hot summer days.

UV Protection – Ceramic window tint is also great at blocking out UV rays, which can be harmful to both your car’s interior and your skin. With ceramic window tint, you can enjoy greater protection from the sun’s harmful rays while driving.

Aesthetics – Ceramic window tint can give your car a sleek, modern look, as it comes in a variety of shades and colors that can match your car’s style.

Cost – Ceramic window tint is often more expensive than other types of window tints, which can be a downside for some car owners. However, the overall benefits of installing a ceramic window tint over a died tint are huge!

Installation – Applying ceramic window tint to your car’s windows can be a time-consuming and complicated process, so it’s highly recommended to have any type of window tint professionally installed.


The major difference between ceramic window tint and dyed window tint is the way they block the sun’s heat and light. Ceramic window tint contains ceramic particles that reflect and block out more heat and UV rays than dyed window tint. Dyed window tint uses a layer of dye to absorb some of the sun’s energy and reduce the amount of light that passes through the glass.

Ceramic tint is more expensive than a dyed tint, but it offers better heat rejection and color stability. Ceramic tint is also less likely to fade or discolor over time compared to dyed tint. Ceramic tint rarely interferes with electronic devices, such as GPS or cell phone signals, while dyed tint may cause interference.

Overall, we consider ceramic tint to be a higher quality and more effective option for window tinting than dyed tint, although the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and budget.

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