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What is Ceramic Coating?

You Love Your Car

You believe your car should look as good as when you bought it.
So, you wash it consistently and apply a layer of wax every three months.

However, swirl marks, chips, and bug splatter populate your vehicle’s exterior paint despite your endeavors. Not just that, water spots, soil, and grime grip your car the day after you give it a thorough wash.

Imagine a scenario in which there was something that could change that. A product that could give your paint protection from environmental dangers and make your vehicle more satisfying to wash while not needing a recurrent application.

Uplifting news! There is. It’s known as Ceramic Coating (or Nano-Ceramic Coating), and it could increase the value of your vehicle. It’s a clear liquid that’s also referred to as SiO2 Coating. When cured, this technology transforms itself on the surface into a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield.

I’m sure during your research on Ceramic Coatings. You might have read confusing claims. Some manufacturers and detailers may have remarked about the guarantees about the performance of their Ceramic Coatings. Be that as it may, before you make a purchasing choice, let’s look at the facts.

What’s the reality regarding Ceramic Coating, and what will be best for your vehicle?

Explanation of Ceramic Coating

A Ceramic Coating like Ceramic Pro is a liquid polymer nano-ceramic coating that’s applied by hand to your vehicle’s exterior paint. The synthetic liquid material bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, making a layer of protection.

A Ceramic Coating is not a substitute for Paint Protection Film. That’s in a bracket all by itself as regards paint protection. A Ceramic Coating makes an extraordinarily durable or semi-long-lasting bond with a vehicle’s paint, implying that it doesn’t wash away or need numerous applications every few months.

What Does a Ceramic Coating Do?

To put it simply, Ceramic Coating adds extra protection to your vehicle’s exterior paint and helps keep it looking new with minimum maintenance. The ceramic coating layer makes your vehicle’s paint stronger and easier to clean.

Ceramic Coating Advantages

Protection from UV Damage / Oxidization

The vehicle’s paint is exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun. This causes your vehicle’s exterior paint to oxidize, making it look dull and cloudy. A layer of Ceramic Coating safeguards a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s rays, lessening the effects of oxidization.

Protection from Chemical Stains and Etching

Another hazard for your vehicle’s paint is staining from acidic pollutants such as acid rain. By applying a synthetic layer to the surface of your paint, Ceramic Coating can create a barrier for your vehicle’s paint. The outcome is that your car will be more resistant to stains and environmental contaminants.

Ease of Cleaning

One of the main features of Ceramic Coating is that it repels water. Water will bead on the paint’s surface whenever a vehicle has a hydrophobic Ceramic Coating and slide off easily. Ceramic Coating causes mud and grime difficulty clinging to your vehicle’s paint. After applying Ceramic Coating and you next wash your car, the benefit is that road pollutants will be less exertion to remove.

Enhanced Gloss

If you want your exterior paint to gleam, you must add Ceramic Coating. A layer of Ceramic Coating upgrades the properties of your vehicle’s paint and clear coat, adding to the luminosity of your paint.

What Does Ceramic Coating Not Do?

Ceramic Coating is not a super-fix that will take care of every issue on your vehicle paint. Ceramic Coating will not fill in any pre-existing swirls or hide any defects. Unless your vehicle is brand new, most cars will first have to undergo paint correction before applying a coating.

Accordingly, You Must Know What Ceramic Coating Does Do.

Eliminate the Danger of Scratches, Swirl Marks, or Rock Chips.

The scratch resistance of Ceramic Coating is frequently overstated. However, Ceramic Coating can repel minor scratches. A vehicle covered with Ceramic Coating won’t be resistant to rock chips or parking lot scratches. Also, incorrect vehicle washing may still cause whirl blemishes on your vehicle’s paint surface. It is essential to realize that Ceramic Coating is not a substitute for a more proactive approach like applying a Paint Protection Film (otherwise called Clear Bra).

Suppose you are looking for the ultimate in paint protection without applying a paint protection film. You can request from your Ceramic Pro professional installer to use multiple layers of Ceramic Coating and a layer of topcoat for added protection.

At Ceramic Garage of Modesto, we have several packages to select from. Our top package is our Gold PackageLearn more.

Eliminate the Risk of Water Spots

Rain contains environmental contaminants and minerals. Whenever water dissipates on your vehicle’s surface, the minerals absorb into your paint, making noticeable spots. Consumers might expect that the hydrophobic nature of Ceramic Coating will prevent water spots since water slides off the covered surface.

While water is repelled from the hydrophobic surface, other water drops will bead and stay on the vehicle, creating an opportunity for water spots.

Using a microfiber towel, it’s always advantageous to remove any water spots from your exterior paint.

Eliminate the Need to Wash

We stated earlier that Ceramic Coating keeps your vehicle looking new with minimal maintenance. Driving your car, it will get filthy? The streets and freeways are dirty. Even with Ceramic Coating, you will have to wash your vehicle routinely to keep up with its look. The advantage of Ceramic Coating is that the cleaning process will be easier and less strenuous. Besides having Ceramic Coating, you will not need to wax your vehicle every couple of months, dispensing with the considerable hassle of keeping up with your vehicle’s exterior paint. However, Ceramic Coating doesn’t make your vehicle maintenance-free but creates less work and achieves a better outcome. More gloss!

o, What Does All This Mean?

It is essential to educate yourself about a product before deciding whether it is ideal for your vehicle. Will Ceramic Coatings enhance your vehicle and add value? Absolutely! Are Ceramic Coatings a marvel, all in one resource answer for your car’s outside issues? Unquestionably not!

It is additionally critical to understand that Ceramic Coatings are not a substitute for the complete protection you find in a quality Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film).

If you want that peace of mind and adding a layer of protection to your vehicle’s exterior paint that helps repel dirt and road grime, and makes washing your car more effortless, then Ceramic Coating is your answer. Click Here.

If you spend hours driving on the road and want peace of mind and protection for your paint against rock chips and scratches, then your best defense is applying paint protection films.

You can always begin your paint protection process by applying Ceramic Coating, then later on, adding a layer of paint protection film.

It’s a win, win with whichever one you choose.

Ask us about the Ceramic Coating choices for protecting your vehicle.

There are coatings for paintwork, glass, rubber, and plastic, and interior protection as well.

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