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Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car?

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Why Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle?

Money has gotten a little tighter these days.

But if you love your car, we know you still want to take care of it in the best way possible.

We know that most car allowances are on gas, and boy is that getting expensive. You also buy oil, tires, and other mechanical repairs, so there’s barely enough left over to cover the maintenance, such as washes and detailing.

We know you want your vehicle to look like it just came off the showroom floor, so we want to introduce you to a product called ceramic coating.

What Is a Ceramic Coating?

Industry-grade ceramic coating is a liquid chemical polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle by hand to protect its external paint from environmental damage.

Ceramic Coating such as Ceramic Pro, bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection.

Unlike regular wax, which sits on the paint’s surface and washes off quite easily, ceramic coating is different because it bonds with the particles and remains on top of your clearcoat for up to ten years when maintained.

A ceramic coating gives your vehicle a permanent gloss finish that will turn heads when you drive by.

What is Nano Coating?

The word “nano” means “small.”

In this case, we are referring to the small-sized chemical particles because the smaller the particles, the better their bond properties will be.

The Ceramic Pro 9 coating makes your paint more durable and protects your exterior paint from fading and peeling.

A ceramic, by definition, is an inorganic and non-metallic material. Ceramic products surround our daily lives, including bricks, plates, tiles, etc.

Ceramic coating is typically composed of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02), a material such as quartz and sand. Some brands also use titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02) as an additional hardening agent.

Ceramic products serve as high-temperature heat coatings – used on the Space Shuttle, aerospace parts, and that coating you apply to your car’s paint.

The coating can cover the entire surface, on certain parts, or in multiple layers. It can also be a powder, liquid, or concentrated formula – either topically or as a spray.

Some manufacturers advertise their products as “nano-ceramic coating” to inform you that their product can repel dry particles, water, oil, and dirt.

Why Ceramic Coat Your Car?

The Benefits…

There are advantages to ceramic coating your vehicle beyond the aesthetic appeal.

1: A Layer of Protection from Light Scratches

Light scratches will not be able to damage your car because the ceramic coating adds a sacrificial layer to your exterior paint.

Materials like mud and dirt are less likely to leave scratches or swirl marks.

Any light scratches on the vehicle after applying the ceramic coating can be buffed out.

Your car can’t avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun unless your vehicle lives permanently in your garage.

UV rays are the cause of most car paint problems.

For example, extreme heat can cause oxidation, leading to cracks, peeling, or fading of the paint finish.

Applying one to three layers of ceramic coating function as a sun blocker and repels this harmful radiation, shielding your car from its damaging effects.

Ceramic Coating offers excellent thermal (2500 F), UV, oxidation, corrosion and chemical resistance.

Applying ceramic coating and a good washing habit can drastically extend the lifespan of your paint and reduce the chance of your clear coat peeling.

3: Protection Against Bird Droppings and Bugs

When you drive along the freeway, it’s impossible to avoid bugs splattering against the front of your car and windshield. Talk about a pain trying to scrub them off.

Bug guts and bird droppings contain considerable amounts of uric acid and stomach enzymes that, if left unwashed, can dissolve into your car’s exterior paint causing severe paint damage.

The same is true for mud and grime. They get baked into the car’s porous paint when left under the sun for too long.

This damage is extremely costly to repair. We are talking about your vehicle having to undergo a full paint correction.

Ceramic coating is one of the best ways to prevent paint corrosion.

The lacquer layers fuse into your paint’s pores. It does not give any of these contaminant’s room to penetrate.

4: Hydrophobic Properties

Hydrophobic means not absorbing water.

I’m sure you are thinking, why should I worry about my car’s paint? It doesn’t absorb water. It’s got paint and a clear coat on it.

Let me explain. Whenever water is left to dry naturally on your car, it leaves minerals and corrosives behind.

Slowly but surely, this creates a little crater in the paint. Over time, future water finds the same spot and makes the hole bigger and bigger. This process is also known as etching, and this is when damage to the paint occurs.

Water cause stains on your vehicle because tap water contains added minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Hard tap water has higher mineral content. However, minerals in hard water form deposits that can corrode pipes or restrict water flow.

However, keeping your car dry is easier said than done, especially during the rainy season.

Another advantage of applying a ceramic coating is that it’s hydrophobic, which means that water molecules are repelled and easily slide right off when they encounter the ceramic product.

A 9H ceramic coating is highly concentrated, comprised of Silicon Dioxide or SiO2. It uses nanotechnology to fill tiny cracks or imperfections in a porous surface, then hardens to form a flat shield of protection.

Ceramic Pro 9H is our flagship coating –This nano coating is formulated with special solvents that allows the coating to be applied up to five layers.

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