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How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last on a Car

That’s an Open-Ended Question as It Can Vary.

It’s like saying, how long will my car last.

I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

It all depends on… maintenance!

If you maintain something, it usually lasts longer. Right?

The same is true for ceramic coating.

It all depends on the ceramic coating brand you use and the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer and/or installer.

However, no matter what brand you choose, common maintenance steps apply to most ceramic coatings to make it last longer.

Washing Your Vehicle

Naturally, a good, old-fashioned car wash by hand will preserve the ceramic coating on your car the longest using the two-bucket method of car washing.

I know with your busy life it’s more convenient to visit your local automated car washing facility, but if any brush or pressure forced water meets your paint. It could be stripping off your ceramic coating or even your clearcoat.

Any brush could cause swirl marks and scratches on your paint.

Also, at a local car wash, goodness knows if that brush has been in contact with the dirty floor.

You know the brush has encountered a dirty vehicle and has grit and gravel trapped between its bristles, waiting to scratch up your paintwork.

The crucial part of a car wash is to dry thoroughly your exterior paint.

Car owners make the mistake of either not drying their car thoroughly or using the wrong type of towel.

To get the job done right, the best ones are a terry weave design, a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, and a high GMS – above 800 is best.

Purchase a size 20 x 30 inches or even larger works best. That size will dry your entire vehicle, in most cases, in a matter of minutes.

Using a microfiber towel cuts down on swirl marks and scratches to your car’s finish.

Another reason to completely dry your car is to reduce the risk of water spots. Applying a ceramic coating REDUCES the potential of water spots, but it’s not water spot PROOF.

That’s, unfortunately, is a false marketing tactic.

If you live in a region with high calcium or mineral content in your water, you will get water spots if water is allowed to sit on your exterior paint.

Applying a Maintenance Spray

When applying a spray maintenance coating to your clear coat, make sure you use a microfiber drying towel.

Use a product such as Boost Sprays, SiO2 ceramic sprays, or DIY ceramic coating maintenance sprays.

Some sprays are hybrid wax sprays with silicon dioxide (SiO2), some are polymer or Teflon-based sprays (which replicate the benefits of ceramic coatings without the 9H hardness), and others are genuine ceramic coating sprays.

When using these products, use them directly after washing your vehicle.

Whether you use a hybrid spray or SiO2 Boost spray recommended by your ceramic coating manufacturer, it’s critical to only use them after washing your vehicle.

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Never use products in direct sunlight. Ceramic enhanced formula with polymers and concentrated ingredients will streak when applied to a warm surface or exposed to direct sunlight.

If you cannot avoid sunlight, it can cause severe damage to your paint, often requiring paint correction or polishing to fix your damaged surface.

To avoid streaks, and the potential of water spots, apply the boost sprays inside your garage or early morning/late afternoon. And out of direct sunlight.

While booster sprays can be sprayed on surfaces easily, others are more concentrated so apply those types of coating with an applicator pad.

Yearly Inspection

Professional grade nanocoating like Ceramic Pro 9H offers a warranty package ranging from two to five years and even a lifetime of protection.

One of the best ways to maintain that warranty and ensure your coating is optimal is to have it inspected by your professional ceramic coating installer once a year

Tips on How to Maintain a Ceramic Coating to Make it Last Longer

Tip #1 – Never Take Your Car to an Automated Car Wash

An automated car wash with bristles can do more harm than good to your ceramic coating.

Tip #2 – Always Use a pH Neutral Car Shampoo with No Wax Added

Wax may leave a residue. Which will reduce the hydrophobic properties, leading to a stickier surface which can pick up contaminates.

Tip #3 – Wash the Vehicle in Low Light Hours

It’s more advantageous to wash your car in low sunlight conditions. Either on a cloudy day or early in the morning. Even close to sunset is optimal to wash and dry your vehicle.

Sunlight will dry water and soap much quicker, causing water spots.

Tip #4 – Use a SiO2 Boost Spray

Before buying any ceramic coating maintenance product, ask your installer which product they recommend.

Using multiple spray coatings can cause compatibility issues, damaging the coating layer and leading to paint correction.

Tip #5 – Avoid Cross-Contamination

Anytime you wash, dry, or apply any product to a ceramic-coated vehicle, it’s critical to avoid cross-contamination of other cleaning supplies.

Anytime you use a microfiber towel, wash mitt, or even the buckets, make sure they are spotless and free of other cleaners, degreasers, or debris.


  • Ceramic coating can last a lifetime if you select the ceramic Gold Package, which includes four layers of Ceramic Pro 9 and a topcoat.
  • And you take your vehicle to a ceramic shop for yearly maintenance.
  • And you take extra precautions when washing and drying your vehicle.

Be initiative-taking and make an intelligent decision regarding ceramic coating your vehicle.

It takes time and an investment of your hard-earned money, but it’s well worth it when you see the finished result.

When you hire Ceramic Garage of Modesto, you know your vehicle will receive a high-quality grade nano-ceramic coating like Ceramic Pro 9H.

Ceramic Garage is happy to offer further advice on ceramic coating maintenance if this post does not answer all your questions on how best to maintain your vehicle after applying ceramic coatings.

Our professional Ceramic Pro coating installers are happy to help you with maintenance services or tips on taking care of your ceramic-coated vehicle.

At face value, the paint protection offered by ceramic coating is well worth it, especially when you see the result.

You can expect robust protection against surface contaminants – such as dirt or swirl marks – and clear coat scratches.

And look at that beautiful, protected shine!

Now that’s a paint finish you’d be proud to own.

Are you still confused about which paint protection to apply?

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