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Ceramic Coating for Cars

I want you to imagine that your vehicle could repel scratches…

As well as repel pollen, mud, and bird droppings and make rainwater and ice unable to leave streaks or water spots on your vehicle’s exterior paint.

Your rubber trim, chrome, wheels, and paint are all exposed to environmental contaminants that can cause serious damage.

We know you want to keep your vehicle looking new, shiny, and clean for as long as possible. So, I want to introduce you to ceramic coating.

But first, let’s take a closer look at your car’s paint surface in the image below.

When we zoomed in a hundred times, you can see that your car’s surface is not flat. It’s a rough surface full of pores.

When you viewed the image you saw what happens when dirt from the environment meets your paint.

Example of a Car’s Exterior Paint Surface.

More dust and dirt collect in those pores and over time that build-up in those pores, causing a damaging effect on your vehicle’s exterior paint.

And when that dirt mixes with rain, it can create an acidic compound that damages the paint’s surface and lead to your car’s paint fading and peeling causing paint corrosion over time.

Now, let’s learn what happens when we apply a protective layer of ceramic coating.

Because the nanoparticles are small, they form a chemical bond to the paint’s clear coat. The coating seals all those pores, creating an invisible layer that repels dirt and mud. Therefore, when dust, pollen, or mud encounters your paint, they slide off as they have nothing to stick to.

Applying a ceramic coating protects your actual paint and clear coat against minor scratches.

And any scratches that might occur on the coating are easily buffed off.

Any acidic bird droppings that sit on top of the ceramic coating easily wash off.

The coating is ultra-hydrophobic, meaning water doesn’t gather but forms beads.

Ceramic Coating Applied to Vehicle

Daily UV exposure weakens and fades unprotected car paint. Ceramic coating provides a UV-blocking barrier to reflect the rays that would otherwise fade or peel your paint.

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